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Sometimes Life Gets Hard and Making Sense of Everything we are Feeling Can be Completely Overwhelming and Exhausting. When We are Going Through Tough Times our Emotions can Feel Confusing and Completely out of Control. We All Struggle with Things!

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Private Counseling

There are just times in life we just need a safe, non-judgemental place to process everything we are thinking and feeling. My goal is to walk along side of you and to teach you how to be your own internal counselor using proven CBT/Solution Focused techniques that will help you create a life that is all you desire it to be!

  • Bill_B “She is truly outstanding. Deborah has great understanding and knowledge. Her advice has helped me so much and I would say has literally saved my life. I cannot recommend her more highly.”
  • vestansheep28: She was pretty wonderful. Was able to empathize with my situation. Provided wonderful insight.
  • justgood1: Helped me quite a bit and never gave up on me! She seems great!
  • vroses: Deborah is awesome. I was scared at first to act for help. I told Deborah the problem and she gave me great advise and tips! Thank you so much Deborah! 
  • Cliff: Great advice and ideas!!
  • Lisa: she was great at getting to the heart of the matter!

Reaching out for help is never an easy thing. Take the first step to your new life today-it can be the best decision you have ever made!