Family Counseling

Family Counseling in Tulsa, OK

Therapist Deborah Farber, LPC offers family counseling in Tulsa, OK. Sometimes the people we love the most can bring out feelings we didn’t even know we had inside! There are so many layers of emotions when we are dealing with family that we don’t have to deal with when we face the rest of the world.

We all have a default. Our default is the stockpile of things we know and what we have seen in the past from others. When we deal with family, we often handle them using our default. If most of what you saw growing up was unhealthy and non-productive conflict resolution, it is time to learn new skills.

A compassionate, caring counselor can make all the difference in bridging the gap between chaos and communication. There are many tools in family therapy that can quickly help your family get on the same page and start enjoying each other again. Contact me today for more information on my online counseling services!